College Admissions Whereas: The admissions process is a competitive procedure through which thousands of applicants are required to go each year, and …

Whereas:  Optimizing the effectiveness of your application is one of the most important challenges you will face as you seek admission to college, and…

Whereas: Each year many applicants fail to secure acceptances into colleges and universities of the applicants’ choosing despite otherwise acceptable credentials, and…

Whereas: College pre-law advisors often lack important experience in assisting law school applicants through the admissions process, and…

Whereas: Only one SAT preparation program in the greater New York/New Jersey area, E-Z WAY TUTORING, offers exclusively one-on-one application assistance using unique tried and true techniques which have proven to be effective and have been refined and perfected since 1983, and…

Whereas: For over two decades the E-Z WAY TUTORING program has produced exemplary results for pupils who have been privileged to receive one-on-one application assistance from Mr. Edward H. Zurav, Esq., the most experienced and skilled one-on-one tutor in the area, and…

Whereas: Mr. Zurav gives his pupils the benefit of his experience garnered while assisting hundreds and hundreds of pupils with the finest in admissions assistance over the last quarter century, and…

Whereas: E-Z WAY TUTORING is the ONLY program that gives the straight facts on college admissions and includes from-the-heart tough love advice that is in the applicant’s best interest rather than simply parroting what the applicant wants to hear, and…

Whereas: With E-Z WAY and no other course you’re GUARANTEED to be individually assisted by an attorney who possesses an IQ certified to be above the genius level. Mr. Zurav’s scores have been in the 99th percentile on his SSAT, PSAT, SAT, GRE and GMAT.

THEREFORE: Serious college applicants should consider obtaining vital ONE-ON-ONE application assistance from the foremost expert in the field of standardized test preparation: Edward H. Zurav, Esq., proprietor of E-Z WAY TUTORING!


Mr. Zurav has been assisting his SAT pupils since 1983 in the preparation of their applications to colleges and universities. Since then he has aided over one thousand people in the law school admissions process and many more in the college admissions process. His pupils have matriculated at some of the finest colleges and universities in the country.

His writing skills have helped him to customize his pupils’ personal statements and fine-tune them. He is willing to write and re-write these statements until they are not just good, but perfect! His decades of experience provide a bountiful database of ideas to help his pupils persuade deans of admissions to accept them into the colleges and universities of their choice. He is aware of the pressure on high school advisors to both teach and advise at once. Such pressures frequently lead advisors to neglect their advising duties, resulting in pupils not receiving the best possible advice. Mr. Zurav is a specialist who can concentrate fully on each pupil to maximize each pupil’s chances of acceptance to the best college or university possible for each pupil.

Pupils utilizing E-Z Way’s assistance in preparing their applications achieve admissions to colleges and universities that usually are well in excess of expectations harbored by these pupils before working with Mr. Zurav. This fact is especially impressive when one considers that the majority of his students are people who have histories of drastic underachievement on standardized tests before working with E-Z WAY.


Mr. Zurav uses a common-sense long-term approach to maximizing the effectiveness of a pupil’s applications. He teaches his pupils to ‘sell’ themselves as effectively as possible. His unique ‘honesty’ program is designed to bring out the best in his pupils’ applications. The result is that the E-Z WAY method has aided numerous students in achieving admission to colleges and universities, even after other advisors have failed to help.


Mr. Zurav is unaffected by pressures that beset high school advisors. He is willing to counsel pupils to wait until their applications will be most effective rather than simply forcing them through the process so they will be accepted into college while still matriculating merely to increase his statistics as high school advisors so often do.


Mr. Edward H. Zurav was born in 1956 and raised by a special education teacher and an attorney. He received his high school degree from the Pingry School, from which he graduated in 1974. Based on his success on standardized tests in high school, he was designated an National Merit Scholar. He has exceeded genius-level requirements on every standardized test for which he has ever sat, including his Law School Admissions Test, his Graduate Record Exam and his Graduate Management Aptitude Test.

Mr. Zurav is a Life member of Mensa, an international society whose sole membership requirement is the possession of an IQ in the top 2% of the world’s population and has been nominated for membership in Triple Niners, a similar society requiring its members to possess an IQ in the top 1/10 of 1% of the world’s population.

Type of tutoring College Admission
Weekday Lessons $175/hour
Weeknight/Weekend Lessons $250/hour
# of hours advance payment for 20% discount 6
Initial payment for 20% discount weekday $840
20% discount rate for weekday lessons $140/hour
Initial payment for 20% discount weeknight/weekend $1200
20% discount rate for weeknight/weekend lessons $200/hour
# of hours advance payment for 30% discount 20
Initial payment for 30% discount weekday $2,450
30% discount rate for weekday lessons $122.50/hour
Initial payment for 30% discount weeknight/weekend $3,500
30% discount rate off weeknight/weekend lessons $175/hour


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