Law School Finals help

Many law school pupils require extra help when preparing to sit for their final examinations. They have received virtually no input from their law school professors concerning methods of upgrading the quality of their essay writing and multiple choice testing abilities.

Point Two: Receiving high grades on examinations can be a crucial factor in obtaining lucrative and rewarding employment. Exams are the first and most important challenge you will face as you enter law school.

Point Three: More and more prominent legal educators recommend the benefits of individual tutoring as either a supplement or an alternative to traditional classroom lecture as an education methodology.

Point Four:  Only one law school final examination preparation program in the greater New York/New Jersey area, E-Z WAY TUTORING, offers exclusively one-on-one tutoring using unique tried and true techniques which have proven to be effective and have been refined and perfected since 1983.

Point Five:  Mr. Edward H. Zurav, Esq., founder of E-Z WAY TUTORING, is the only professional tutor in the field of law final exam preparation with over two decades of experience, thousands of hours of experience. He has tutored hundreds and hundreds of attorneys and over a twenty-year plus time period well over 90% of the pupils who have fully completed his program have succeeded on the Bar Examination.

CONCLUSION: For the above-stated reasons, the Appellate Court MUST uphold the Trial Court’s ruling that law school final examination candidates as well LSAT examinees requiring the FINEST in preparation MUST obtain vital ONE-ON-ONE instruction from the foremost expert in the field of individualized Bar Examination preparation: Edward H. Zurav, Esq., proprietor of E-Z WAY TUTORING!


“Your teaching techniques and methods are unique, astonishing, and highly effective. You taught me how to think like a lawyer in real-world situations, you emphasized the importance of understanding the law and not merely memorizing it and most of all, you taught me how to teach, organize and discipline myself.”

Vartan A. Asatrian, Esq.

“Thanks for the superb preparation. Your comprehensive teaching program increased my confidence and substantive knowledge and my results are the proof. I would definitely recommend your tutoring services to anyone!”

Jeffrey P. Barnes, Esq.

“Your one-on-one tutoring worked wonders! Your tutoring and guidance provided me with the added confidence I needed. I will not think twice in recommending your services!”

Julie Platt, Esq.

“Words cannot express my appreciation for your tough love in getting me through this process and life milestone. You told me to trust you in the beginning, I trusted you throughout the study process and now we have this success together!”

Derick Johnson, Esq.

“You are a Super Tutor!”

Jennifer Drayton Murphy, Esq.

“Thanks for your help. Your system makes answering questions so much easier!”

Joseph Skinner, Esq.

“Your insightful methods on how to organize, outline and write the essays were absolutely great!”

Salvatore Tornambe, Esq.

“I can confidently recommend your services to anyone facing an intellectually challenging task. If E-Z Way Tutoring ever goes public, count me in as an investor!”

Marc Serra, Esq.

Mr. Zurav has been tutoring pupils in preparation for law school final exams since 1986. He has made a detailed study of law examinations and tests of all kinds. His essay writing expertise is an invaluable help to his law school pupils as well as his pupils experiencing difficulty with the essay portion of the Bar Examination.

Mr. Zurav has detected patterns which appear over and over again on essay questions of all subjects. E-Z WAY’s pupils learn the most efficient methods of spotting issues and outlining as well as the tricks to writing top-notch essays. His teaching methods are startlingly direct and effective.

Mr. Zurav is an attorney as well as a tutor, having completed his studies at the Seton Hall University School of Law at an accelerated rate in 1986 and passing the bar the same year. He is a member of Mensa, a society whose sole criterion for membership is the possession of an IQ in the top 2% of the world’s population. He has been invited to join Triple-Niners, a similar society whose membership requirement is possession of an IQ in the top 1/10 of 1% of the world’s population.

            HOW IT WORKS

Mr. Zurav brought his genius-level IQ, the experience as a practicing attorney that he gleaned from his father who enjoyed a fifty year career as a legal practitioner, the knowledge he gained from his mother’s 35 years as a teacher and his expertise regarding standardized testing and Bar Exam essay writing to bear in analyzing the particular problems which arise for candidates sitting for law school final examinations. He discovered the skills and aptitudes which successful law school graduates utilize in achieving high grades on Bar Examination essay questions and the Multistate Bar Examination. Mr. Zurav then designed a new and unique instructional program designed to maximize these skills and aptitudes in his pupils. The result is the E-Z WAY method of tutoring that has aided numerous students in passing the law finals and the Bar Exam even after other more conventional classroom courses have failed to help.

           WHY IT WORKS

The E-Z WAY method improves a pupil’s ability to spot issues and apply rules. Mr. Zurav’s writing techniques enable his pupils to convey their mastery of legal disputes to Bar Examiners on essay questions.  The E-Z WAY system enables pupils to think and write in a more organized and lawyerlike fashion.

Type of tutoring Law School
Weekday Lessons $175/hour
Weeknight/Weekend Lessons $250/hour
# of hours advance payment for 20% discount 6
Initial payment for 20% discount weekday $840
20% discount rate for weekday lessons $140/hour
Initial payment for 20% discount weeknight/weekend $1200
20% discount rate for weeknight/weekend lessons $200/hour
# of hours advance payment for 30% discount 20
Initial payment for 30% discount weekday $2,450
30% discount rate for weekday lessons $122.50/hour
Initial payment for 30% discount weeknight/weekend $3,500
30% discount rate off weeknight/weekend lessons $175/hour